Collegian Nostalgia

This year a lot of schools have found that the new events and experiences they anticipated could not take place, and they have had to make to with repeats of old favourites. This is my contribution, featuring previously-unseen material from my time at Hull Collegiate School.

Note: This page is not featured on the blog’s main menus, so can only be accessed by those to whom I’ve sent the link. By all means send it to other old Collegians with whom you have contact – and see if they’ve got any material of their own to put in!

“The Big Picture” Class Assembly, March-April 2014:

28th March was the date in my Year 11 planner, but it must actually have been delayed as late as 7th April. Ten merits to anyone who can make sense of this one. Here‘s the slideshow that was actually used, and here‘s the script, though even that was hastily cut down at the last minute. The filmed footage includes a short lecture about the government finance – well, it works for Shrey, I suppose.

Reflections on Year Eleven, Friday 20th June – Sunday 31st August  2014:

A passage I wrote in sections over the course of the summer, beginning just after my Latin GCSE exam.

Rocket Launch at Winestead Farm, Wednesday 15th October 2014:

A compilation of extra footage from the event, featuring wobbly shots of denim-clad dweebs trudging around a field, with the odd snatch of conversation barely audible over the incessant wind.

Ecton Mines visit, Friday 24th April 2015:

A lot of shots of us standing around on hills, plus a few of us clawing at the rocks. For some reason my camera thought that the first twenty-two photographs were all taken within a minute of each other, which seems unlikely. Shamefully I have typed “28th” rather than “24th” on the slides.

Sports Day at Costello Stadium, Thursday 18th June 2015:

A large collection of stills, divided into four sections for ease of upload. This was the day when the upper half of the age range mostly failed to attend, and where a lot of pupils put on war paint for some reason.

Royal Society Visit, Tuesday 30th June 2015:


All my Royal Society merchandise.

Last hurrah for the Nerd Herd of 1996-7, this was the day trip which really stretched the definition of day. We visited the Hunterian Museum and the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition. Niall complained that there were too many ethnic minorities in London, I lost my tube ticket and Ashley found an alternative way to pronounce “constable”. On revisiting these images I noticed something odd – the text of the signs behind our train seats are just about legible, and we went down to London with reservations on Virgin Trains East Coast (now LNER) but returned to Hull with Hull Trains. I don’t know why we’d have used two different companies for the same day trip. Does anyone else remember?

End of the Trinity Term, Friday 3rd July 2015:

A few stills from the last day.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Odds & Ends 2014-15:

A collection of miscellaneous leftovers in both still and video form, many shot by accident, including my last physical visit to Tranby Croft during its summer refurbishment. Sorry about the background music.

BBC Look North, Tuesday 13th October 2020:

It’s exceedingly rare that I voluntarily watch a local news item relating to sports, but my mother saw the name Jack Salt in the captions and asked me if I knew him. Otherwise this one has very little to do with the rest of the page.

East Riding of Yorkshire Council (Children and Young People Overview and Scrutiny Sub-Committee), Thursday 29th October 2020:

Chaired by Ben Weeks, otherwise probably not that interesting.

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