Some years ago I came across MuseScore, a free-license software package for virtual music composition. Here are some of the things I made with it.

Pentaton Fields

This was my first output, and still probably best. The name is an artifact – it was built on a pentatonic melody I had earlier made for a school assignment.

The Disturbance

I was less impressed by how this one turned out. It was supposed to be a mixture of mystery and sci-fi.

Red Steel

This was inspired by montages in The World At War of soldiers marching and tanks rolling across broken ground.


Relatives often thought this one was a ringtone.

Lavender Twigs

Here’s one to use in establishing shots of stately gardens, or maybe the Early Life sections of royal history documentaries.


I confess I can’t quite remember the meaning of the title.

Drums of Office

The perfect incidental music to a 1908s political thriller of the future.

Silver String

The song of a frosty dawn.

Ups & Downs

Some years passed before I resumed MuseScore.


A mixture of terror and tranquility, delight and disaster.

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