A summary of the projects and organisations with which I am directly or peripherally involved:

University of Hull

For two years I represented the School of Mathematics & Physical Sciences at the student union. That job included chairing termly student-staff forums as well as liaising between the university’s representatives and officials at various ranks. It also involved a monthly gathering with other course representatives to relay suggestions by classmates.

Wilberforce Sixth Form College

23o7ikpx_400x400I studied at Wilberforce from September 2015 to June 2017. In November 2015 I was appointed Secretary to the Student Council, a job which I held until leaving college. I had the responsibility of keeping minutes at council meetings and setting council agenda. As part of the role I also attended termly meetings of the college corporation as a student governor, alongside two of the council’s presidents (Thomas Gill and Sohaib Muhammad).

Homework Direct – The Sanctuary for Students

This is a website where I provide Key Stage Three and Four pupils with sample responses to difficult homework tasks. The site includes scientific processes, historical essays and literary analysis. The project is very much a work in progress, but I remain hopeful that it can one day establish itself as a valued source of information among those attending English secondary schools.

The Hubb – Superfast Rural Phone and Broadband

"the HUBB" with three arcsA small community enterprise which aims to provide affordable internet access to households in the HU12 area whom the big companies never bother to cover. My family have been involved in this project for much of the past few years and I have from time to time been called in to assist either with installing internet equipment at the homes of existing customers, or with delivering leaflets to potential future ones.

Paull Holme Tower

Old picA Grade I listed ruin which my family have maintained since the early 1990s. Through a deal with English Heritage, we have been given a substantial grant to restore the building after centuries of decay and vandalism, which continue in the present day. In September 2011, the tower was opened to the public, and 300 visitors arrived to look around. This is not repeatable due to tightening insurance regulations and worsening of structural issues. The family have made several presentations about the tower and our restoration efforts at St Andrew’s Church in Paull, which have drawn considerable attention from the local community. Some years ago a documentary series about the tower was made by Estuary TV.


220px-wicker-robinI created an account in early 2014. I am currently at Veteran III rank, having made over 19,000 edits. I mostly focus in the infoboxes and post-nominals of British officeholders, but also have tangential side-hobbies, such as heraldry. I am particularly active in the days immediately following legislative dissolutions.

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