Train Breeds Musical Geniuses

An interesting – if perhaps slightly hyperbolic – video by classical and film music enthusiast Inside the Score, whose works include an appreciative analysis of the score for The Lord of the Rings and a scathing one for Harry Potter.

This short piece posits that the musical complexity of the music from Series 1-7 of Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends – unusual for children’s programming – formed the inspiration for the most talented musicians of the generation watching it.

Co-composer Mike O’Donnell has his own channel, and there are quite a few channels dedicated to the classic series’ music alone, to say nothing of the hundreds pumping out the fanfics:

UPDATE (June 2021)

Mike O’Donnell has given a two-part interview to a fan channel about his work on the series and his new CD releases.

UPDATE (July 2022)

Charles Cornell, another musical YouTuber, has also done an appraisal of the theme.

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