Bratislava New Year FireworksMy website Homework Direct slightly predates this one, having been established just over seven years ago using the development service Wix. After the first fourteen months, however, I had largely given up on it to focus my efforts here (and later on Wikipedia). There are two principal reasons for this – first that I was running out of ideas for what to include, and second that I found the Wix interface much more difficult to manage than WordPress.

Not only was updating the website a difficulty, but even monitoring activity was far more difficult than here – instead of a daily tracker I only received monthly reports by email, which frequently said there had been no views at all. In the entire seven years of operation I only recall getting one sincere communication from a client, and that was only to mention that there were spelling errors (but not specifying where!). I also occasionally got messages from a web review service saying that they had found code errors on the site which prevented it from being seen. The result is that, for most of its existence, Homework Direct has been a dead weight.

A few days ago Wix notified me that my business plan (for domain connection) was coming up for renewal and that the price, constant since 2015 was to rise 64%. WordPress, so far, has given no indication that it will do the same. This announcement was the impetus to finally make a move.

As of today, the contents of the website, as well as the domain name, have moved. I have also designed a new logo for the site (the 2015 version being little more than a placeholder), though the overall colour-scheme has been retained. This does not necessarily constitute a revival of the project, but at least what already been made is now in a more usable state (for both writer and readers) than it had been before.


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