Wilberforce Nostalgia

This year a lot of schools have found that the new events and experiences they anticipated could not take place, and they have had to make to with repeats of old favourites. This is my contribution, featuring previously-unseen material from my time at Wilberforce College.

Note: This page is not featured on the blog’s main menus, so can only be accessed by those to whom I’ve sent the link. By all means send it to other Wilberforce alumni with whom you have contact – and see if they’ve got any material of their own to put in!


Inspire visit to the University of Leeds, Friday 4th December 2015:

Part of a scheme by the college to prepare us for applications to Russell Group universities. My blog hadn’t really  gotten going by this point so there wasn’t a post about it.

Historical tour of Beverley, Thursday 23rd June 2016:

There was a post about this, but now here are some extra shots.

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